Event - Lenten Retreat Day

25 March 2015

On Wednesday 25th March the whole school took part in a Lenten Retreat Day led by Dan Callow and Yvonne Stanley from OneLife Music.

The day began with an assembly with the simple theme of ‘His name is Jesus’. Children reflected on different emotions we feel. Pupils had great fun learning how to ‘sign’ songs.

They designed happy faces to signify that Jesus puts a smile on people’s faces. Children also wrote prayers on crosses which were presented during the closing Lenten Service: ‘Growing more like Jesus’, where the whole school were reminded that we are all part of God’s family, both at school and at home and that Jesus calls us to be like Him, to grow like Him and to smile like Him’.

Our Parish Priest, Father Seamus joined us for our closing service. During this moving service children added to a display centred around the cross of Jesus.

The whole day of prayer was a perfect way to reflect upon the events leading up to the death of Jesus.