Event - Year 5 Outreach Project

9 June 2015

On Tuesday 9th June 2015 Year 5 enjoyed a morning’s activities of building the nose of a train and trying to create the lowest drag force. This was all enabled by one of our parents, Professor Mark Sterling who led the Outreach project.

He introduced the project to the children for about five minutes explaining how the shape of trains has developed and why. The class were then divided into small groups of about 6 pupils. They then had to design and construct the nose of a train out of paper. Once constructed, the train noses were placed on the track and subjected to the force of wind (from the leaf blower). The force on the trains was measured and the one with the smallest force (the smallest drag) was declared the winner.

The children found the morning highly enjoyable .The staff on the day were extremely helpful and explained the process really well. This morning really brought Year 5’s Science topic of Forces to an excellent conclusion.