Snippets of News

Year 1 Inspire Workshop

Parents and children working together..

31 October 2017

Year 1 welcomed their parents to their Inspire Workshop about Catholic Life, Prayer and Child Led Collective Worship.

Miss O’Connell shared with the parents Pope Francis’ Five Finger Prayer: pray for those closest to us, pray for those who instruct and teach, pray for our leaders, pray for those in need and pray for ourselves.

Parents were then able to work with their children planning collective worship and writing a prayer to be shared in class.

The children enjoyed working with their parents nearly as much as their parents enjoyed working with them.

Attendance Awards for Autumn First Half

Proudly showing off our excellent attendance results..

18 October 2017

Well done everyone for great attendance for the first half of the Autumn term 2017. We are very proud that the overall attendance is 97.8%.

On Wednesday 18th October the school hit 100% attendance for the first time in a very long time. To date 138 children (66%) have 100% attendance. They have now been set the challenge to maintain this magnificent figure.

  • Year 6 - 98.5%
  • Year 2 - 98.3%
  • Year 5 - 98.2%
  • Reception - 98.1%
  • Year 4 - 97.9%
  • Year 3 - 97.6%
  • Year 1 - 96.2%

Year 6 Inspire Workshop

Year 6 families working together in the workshop

17 October 2017

Year 6 worked with their parents during their Inspire workshop about Catholic Life, Prayer and Class Worship.

During this important year for Year 6 which will see them make the Sacrament of Confirmation, Father Craig spoke to the parents about the importance of supporting their children on their journey of faith to know and love Jesus Christ more.

The children had already spent a three day retreat of reflection and prayer at Alton Castle in September.

Mr Bagwell shared the importance of enabling the children to lead prayer at home by using the class prayer bag as a starting point. The children then worked with their parents to plan to lead collective worship for a younger class.

Thank you to our wonderfully supportive parents for attending the workshop.

Year 4 Inspire Workshop

Year 4 working together with family members.

3 October 2017

Year 4 invited their parents to work with them in school during their Inspire workshop about Catholic Life, Prayer and Class Worship.

Our Parish Priest, Father Craig spoke to the parents about the importance of prayer in the home; he praised the children for how well they lead prayer and how they could also lead prayer in their homes, as they do at school.

Mrs Levack shared the many ways we support the children on their faith journey by developing their relationship with Jesus through prayer. The children then worked with their parents to plan collective worship to be shared in class.

Thank you to all parents for their support.

Football Draw against Woodhouse

Members of our football squad.

29 September 2017

On 29th September, in the opening match of the new year, the school football team drew 1-1 with Woodhouse.

After a tight first half and beginning of the second half, Our Lady of Fatima took the lead with Woodhouse equalising late on.

A positive start to the new term. Well done to the whole team!

Year 4 Mixed 5-a-side Football Tournament

Year 4 footballers.

26 September 2017

On 26th September, children from Year 4 represented the school in the mixed boys and girls 5-a-side football tournament hosted by Shenley Academy.

Despite narrowly losing their first match, as the children grew in confidence, their performances improved and they qualified for the second round with a record of two wins, one draw and one loss.

After successive wins in the quarter and semi-finals, the children had arrived in the final. An unfortunate loss in the final meant that the children finished as runners up.

A great achievement! Well done everyone!

Year 2 Inspire Workshop

Year 2 children and families.

26 September 2017

On Tuesday 26th September, Year 2 welcomed their parents to the first of our Inspire Workshops.

This year’s theme is Catholic Life, Prayer and Child Led Collective Worship.

Mrs Workman shared how the children plan, prepare and lead Collective Worship in class, alongside other useful items used to support prayer in the home: Wednesday Word and the class Prayer Bag. The children then made a set of rosary beads with their parents so that they could pray the Rosary during the month of May.

The workshop was most successful. Thank you to all parents who came along to support their child’s learning.

Attendance Awards for Summer Second Half

Some of our excellent attendees.

21 July 2017

On the very last day of the school year Year 2 were once again presented with the Attendance Cup for the second half of the Summer Term with a brilliant attendance of 97.5%.

Reception Class were the runners up with an attendance figure of 97.2%.

Well done to all our children for an overall attendance of 97.0%, which is tremendous considering that the summer term was plagued with illness.

With teachers looking forward to new classes in September, there are brand new opportunities to be awarded the attendance cups. Miss O’Connell is hoping to be standing at the opposite end of the line next year... let’s see what happens in 2017/18.

Well done everyone!

PTA Film Night

Children enjoying the movie.

14 July 2017

On Friday 14th July 2017 the PTA held a final film night for this school year for all the children to enjoy.

It was a huge success with everyone enjoying their goodie bag of treats while watching ‘The Secret Life of Pets’.

Year 2 at Symphony Hall

Year 2 at Symphony Hall.

10 July 2017

Year 2 had a singing treat at the Symphony Hall. A team from the Choir Excathedra led them through songs and chants with plenty of actions and audience participation.

The children loved the hall too. It was fantastic to visit this amazing venue.

Year 4 Fractions in the Sunshine

Enjoying maths in the sunshine.

4 July 2017

During the Summer Term Year 4 learnt about fractions and their equivalence.

On 4th July 2017 they took their learning outside into the sunshine... and worked through some tricky problem solving!

After School French Club


1 July 2017

During the Summer Term 2017 Mrs Darkaoui has taught an After School French Club to support the curriculum French taught during the school day.

The children have really enjoyed the opportunity to extend their learning of a foreign language with additional opportunities to speak French in a more informal way.

The French Club will also be offered to KS2 pupils during 2017/18

Physicists of the Year Awards

Watching the wonders of science.

22 June 2017

Our Lady of Fatima School was invited to attended the Physicists of the Year Awards held at Birmingham University. Before this, one Year 6 pupil was nominated for the award who had worked well in this subject and shown a keen interest in Physics.

Kieran was nominated as he is always enthusiastic and inquisitive in Science lessons, often questions ideas and theories, therefore deepening his understanding. He is able to clearly explain his findings using an extensive scientific vocabulary. Kieran always contributes well to class discussions and shows he is engaged in his learning. He enjoys the problem-solving element to this subject and is continuously keen to take his learning to the next level.

During the evening, we were able to observe some demonstrations and to see researchers to discuss their work in one of the labs at Birmingham University.

We were then taken to the large lecture theatre for the official presentation of awards and prizes by Professor Martin Freer, Head of School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham, and Wendy Cox representing the Ogden Trust.

Kieran received his award for the Physicist of the Year and had his photograph taken with the other Primary School winners.

Last of all, for Year 6 winners, we were able to attend a talk by Mrs Lynne Long, Head of Foundation Year for the College of EPS at Birmingham in the Small Lecture Theatre which focussed on the awe and wonder of Science, which we all really enjoyed!

Overall, it was a superb evening and a wonderful opportunity for us to attend such a well-organised and inspiring event.

Harvesting Produce

Harvesting our own crops.

16 June 2017

The Health for Life Committee and other pupil volunteers harvested crops from the school’s raised beds. They weighed the produce into 500g bags and offered them to parents after school in their ‘pop up stall’.

Parents were invited to make donations for the produce they selected to buy for cooking at home.

Donations enable sustainability of the growing aspect of Health for Life, so that more crops can be grown in future years.

The children really enjoyed tending to, gathering and ‘selling’ the crops they had planted giving them a real life experience and understanding of the different stages of growing produce.

Fruit Trees

Children examining the fruit.

1 June 2017

Two years ago we planted some fruit trees and after lots and lots of patience and care children spotted the first signs of fruit growing on these mini fruit trees.

It was a very exciting moment.

We look forward to more fruit growing so that the fruit can be used in cooking lessons.

PTA Sponsored Bounce

Enjoying a good bounce.

26 May 2017

On Friday 26th May 2017 the PTA organised a sponsored bounce to raise funds for the school.

It was really successful with every child enjoying their time on the bouncy castle.

What a great way to enjoy the last day of the first half of the summer term.

Attendance Awards for Summer First Half

Some of our 100% attendees.

26 May 2017

On Friday 26th May 2017 Year 2 were once again presented with the Attendance Cup for the first half of the Summer Term with a fantastic attendance of 97.7%.

Year 3 were also once again the worthy runners up with an attendance figure of 97.6%.

Well done to all our children for an overall attendance of 97.3%, which is an increase on the attendance figures in the Spring Term as well as being above the national average attendance.

There is one final opportunity left this academic year to win the attendance cup. Classes (and their teachers) are becoming most competitive with their hearts set on being awarded the final attendance cup. With class attendance figures ranging from 96.3% to 97.7% nearly all classes are still in the running for first place.

The children in the photograph all have a current attendance of 100% along with many other pupils. 100% attendance certificates will be awarded on the final day of the Summer Term.

Let’s see what happens in our final term.

Hagley Mass Tour

Enjoying the concert.

25 May 2017

On Thursday 25th May 2017 Our Lady of Fatima School were treated to a spectacular ensemble of hymns and songs performed by pupils and their teacher, Mr Mallinson from Hagley Catholic High School.

Many of the hymns were known which meant that our pupils were able to join in to make the tour even more exciting. There were also a few new hymns which we’ll start to learn so that we can add to the vast amount of hymns we already love to sing.

In between singing and playing the musical instruments, Mr Mallinson and his team shared their knowledge about how the various instruments are played, different musical terminology and their meanings.

A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all! Thank you to all the pupils involved and of course to Mr Mallinson. We can’t wait for the ‘50’s Band Tour’ in July.

Birmingham School Games Netball Tournament

Our netball team.

23 May 2017

This year the school was represented by two teams in the Birmingham School Games Netball Tournament at Shenley Academy on 23rd May 2017.

A mix of boys and girls from Year 5 and 6 took part.

Both teams played well on the day, with Team A winning their group, and their semi-final match, reaching the final against Raddlebarn School. Despite their best efforts, defeat in the final meant they finished runners up.

Great determination was shown by all children. Congratulations on reaching the final.

Tag Rugby Tournament

Our Tag Rugby players from Years 5 and 6.

19 May 2017

On Friday 19th May 2017 a mixed team of boys and girls from Years 5 and 6, represented the school at the Birmingham Catholic School Sports Association Tag Rugby tournament hosted by Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club.

In their opening two matches, the children performed well, winning both, meaning a victory was needed in their final game, as only pool winners advanced to the semi-finals.

In a tight contest against the Abbey School, a narrow loss meant missing out on the final stages of the competition.

An enjoyable afternoon was had by all and well played everyone.

Goodbye and Good Luck Mrs Greatrex

Saying goodbye to Mrs Greatrex.

7 April 2017

On Friday 7th April 2017 Our Lady of Fatima School community said a fond farewell to Mrs Greatrex who left our school to begin a new teaching job at St Ambrose Barlow Primary School.

Mrs Greatrex has been connected to Our Lady of Fatima School for over 28 years as a teacher and a parent.

Pupils, parents and staff presented Mrs Greatrex with cards, gifts, memory books and flowers to thank her for her long service and so that she fondly remembers her time at Our Lady of Fatima School. She takes with her lots of love and memories.

Attendance Awards for Spring Second Half

Attendance awards.

7 April 2017

On Friday 7th April 2017 during our Easter Bonnet Parade, Year 2 were presented with the Attendance Cup for the second half of the Spring term with a brilliant attendance of 97.7%.

Year 3 were the worthy runners up with an attendance figure of 97.5%.

Well done to all our children for an overall attendance of 97.2%, which is well above the national average attendance.

There are only two more opportunities to win the attendance cup during this school year. Classes (and their teachers) are becoming most competitive with their hearts set on being awarded the attendance cup. Let’s see what happens in the summer term!

Years 3/4 WBA Football Competition

Years 3/4 Football players.

5 April 2017

On Wednesday 5th April 2017 Year 3 and 4 football teams participated at the West Bromwich Albion Academy in a football competition.

Playing their first matches together as a team, the children grew in confidence with each game. Although narrowly losing on three occasions, they played well together, supported each other and most importantly had fun.

Well done everyone!

Year 6 Handball Competition

Year 6 handball players.

31 March 2017

On Friday 31st March 2017 two separate Year 6 teams took part in the regional handball competition competing in the Birmingham School Games at Shenley Academy.

Drawn into different first round groups, ‘Team A’ finished third and narrowly missed out on a place in the quarter finals. ‘Team B’, however, reached the quarter finals after winning all four of their first round matches.

Following wins over Green Meadow in the quarter final and Tiverton in the semi-final, the team made their way into the final of the competition. Unfortunately, although they took the lead twice, they narrowly lost to Harborne Primary.

A great achievement and a great reward for the hard work they put in on the day and in training with Coach Bishton.

Year 5 Tag Rugby

Tag rugby players.

24 and 31 March 2017

On two consecutive Fridays - 24th and 31st March 2017 - Year 5 pupils represented the school during the spring term SNOMAC tag-rugby.

This was a great way for the children to experience tag-rugby for the first time, as well as enjoying competitive sports.

Narrow losses for both the boys and girls teams against St Joseph's, followed by a win for the boys and a narrow defeat for the girls against St Mary's didn't stop the children showing what they had learnt. They demonstrated great teamwork, sportsmanship and encouragement.

Well done everyone!

Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K participants.

15 March 2017

On 15th March 2017 Our Lady of Fatima School introduced a programme for parents and friends led by ‘Run Birmingham’. It is a free nine week programme called ‘Couch to 5K’ which starts gently and builds up each week, finishing off with an optional 5K run.

We have our own coach, Marlon, who supports parents with basic running advice, including routines for warming up, stretching and cooling down.

It takes place twice a week and has been received positively by a small, but dedicated group of parents.

Attendance Awards for Spring First Half

Attendance awards.

17 February 2017

On Friday 17th February 2017, Year 3 were presented with the Attendance Cup for the first half of the Spring term with a brilliant attendance of 97.6%.

Year 5 were once again the runners up with an attendance figure of 97.5%.

Well done to all our children for an overall attendance of 97.3%, which is exceptionally good and better than the overall attendance of the Autumn term.

2017 really did get off to a good start with great attendance and improved punctuality from the children.

PTA Junior Quiz

The winning Quiz team.

26 January 2017

On the evening of Thursday 26th January 2017 Key Stage 2 children gathered at the church hall to take part in the PTA Junior Quiz.

Several teams took part answering questions about Pokemon, gaming, cartoons, music and movies, sport and geography. General knowledge was tested to the max as teams conferred for the right answers. Sweets, donuts, crisps and drinks were available to keep energy and brain levels high.

It was close contest as the worthy winners of Year 5 and 6 boys won by one point overall.

Year 3 Inspire Workshop

Parents join the Year 3 workshop..

10 January 2017

On Tuesday 10th January 2017 Year 3 were delighted to be able to work with their parents during their Maths Calculations Inspire workshop.

They were able to share the many calculation strategies they use in order to accurately problem solve. They shared quick counting methods, use of number lines and how important it is to learn times tables to be able to solve problems with speed.

Homework activities always support class learning and parents fed back that they felt more equipped to support their child’s learning at home.

Thank you to all our parents for joining Year 3 at their workshop and for the on-going support, interest and encouragement shown to their child’s education.

Attendance Awards for Autumn Second Half Term

Year 4 receiving their Attendance certificates.

20 December 2016

On Tuesday 20th December 2016 during our final gathering of 2016, Year 4 were presented with the Attendance Cup for the second half of the Autumn term with a brilliant attendance of 97.8%.

Year 5 were the runners up with attendance of 97.5%.

Well done to all our children for an overall attendance of 97.2%, which is tremendous considering the coughs, colds, sickness and chickenpox many children suffered from.

Let’s hope that 2017 gets off to a good start with great attendance and punctuality from all children.

Singing at the Over 60s Club

Singing to the audience at the Over 60s Club.

5 December 2016

On Monday 5th December Mrs Workman and Mr O’Connor accompanied some Key Stage 2 pupils from our ‘Sing and Play’ Club to Our Lady of Fatima Church Hall to sing and play to the Over 60’s club.

It was a splendid show which consisted of traditional and contemporary carols. The audience even joined in with ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’.

Great fun was had by all. It looks like this will be a regular future gig!

Year 6 Problem Solving Workshop

Year 6 parents and children working together.

29 November 2016

On Tuesday 29th November Year 6 invited their parents into school so that they could share with them the many methods they use to apply reasoning skills when problem solving.

They looked at assessment questions which often involve multiple steps and many calculation methods before an accurate answer is reached.

The parents were suitably impressed with just how much their children do know. Aapplying what they know carefully can be a challenge but Year 6 know that the way to succeed is to persevere!

Thank you to our supportive Year 6 parents for attending the workshop.

Year 1 Calculations Workshop

Working in our Calculations Workshop.

22 November 2016

On Tuesday 22nd November Year 1 invited their parents to their Calculations workshop.

Miss O’Connell explained many methods that the children would be using throughout the year to ensure that they are secure when applying written methods, to enable them to solve challenging problems. The children used a variety of mathematical equipment to support their learning.

Thank you to the parents for attending the workshop and for the continued support offered at home with homework activities.

Year 4 Inspire Workshop

Parents enjoying mathematical challenges with the children.

15 November 2016

On Tuesday 15th November Year 4 enjoyed working with their parents in school during their Inspire Workshop.

They shared with their parents the many ways they calculate and problem solve. They explored applying the different ways of using the calculation strategies they know when trying to solve a variety of mathematical problems. Their parents were most impressed with the children’s numeracy skills.

Everyone really enjoyed the challenges offered; thank you to Year 4 parents for the most positive feedback about methods used to apply number facts to solve problems.

Goodbye to Mrs Turner and Mrs Taillard

Mrs Taillard and Mrs Turner.

21 October 2016

On Friday 21st October Our Lady of Fatima School community said a fond farewell to two of their Lunchtime Supervisors.

Mrs Turner retired and is looking forward to spending time with her husband and family.

Mrs Taillard is pursuing her love of animals and will be spending time looking after pets when their owners are away from home.

Thank you to both ladies for their commitment and support in making sure that the children’s lunchtimes are both enjoyable and safe.

Attendance Awards for Autumn First Half Term

Attendance figures revealed in assembly.

21 October 2016

Well done to everyone for great attendance for the first half of the Autumn term 2016.

We are very proud that our youngest children were the winners with a fantastic 99% attendance.

Autumn 1 Term Attendance:

  • Reception: 99%
  • Year 2: 98.4%
  • Year 3: 98.3%
  • Year 1: 97.6%
  • Years 4 and 5: 97.4%
  • Year 6: 97.1%

Year 2 Calculations Workshop

Parents working with Year 2 children.

18 October 2016

On Tuesday 18th October Year 2 invited their parents to their Calculations workshop.

Mrs Workman explained many methods that the children would be using throughout the year to ensure that they are secure when applying written methods, to enable them to solve challenging problems. They used a variety of counting and place value equipment to support their learning.

Thank you to the parents for the very positive feedback given and the support offered to their children during the workshop and with homework activities.

Friendly Football Match Victory

Our winning football team.

17 October 2016

In the first friendly match of the new academic year, the school football team recorded a 7-0 victory over Four Dwellings Primary Academy on Monday 17th October 2017.

After taking an early lead, the team dominated possession in the first half, creating a number of chances to lead 4-0 at half time. A further three goals arrived in the second half, with all ten players playing a large proportion of the match.

Both teams showed a high level of sportsmanship, determination and respect for the officials. Well played everyone!

Basketball Skills

Learning basketball skills.

5 October 2016

On Wednesday 5th October 2016 pupils from Hagley High School came to Our Lady of Fatima Primary School to share and support Years 4 and 5 with their basketball skills.

Football Tournament at Shenley Academy

Enjoying the football tournament.

29 September 2016

On Thursday 29th September 2016, pupils from Year 4 represented the school in a football tournament at Shenley Academy as part of the Birmingham School Games.

Due to the enthusiasm of those taking part, two teams of boys and girls were selected. Everyone who took part displayed the spirit of the games values: determination, respect, honesty, passion, self-belief and teamwork.

Well done to both teams who finished fourth in their individual mini-leagues. A great effort for your first tournament together.

Year 5 Inspire Workshop

Year 5's Inspire Workshop.

27 September 2016

On Tuesday 27th September Year 5 enjoyed working with their parents in school during their Inspire Workshop.

The theme of the workshop was Calculation Strategies linked to problem solving.

Mrs Greatrex gave the parents some problem solving activities to solve before the children arrived to share how they approach problem solving methods.

Everyone really enjoyed the challenges offered and parents were most positive about methods used to apply number facts to solve problems.

Goodbye Mrs Barnes

Saying goodbye to Mrs Barnes.

22 July 2016

We said a fond farewell to Mrs Barnes on the last day of the summer term.

Mrs Barnes had worked with many classes during the two years that she had worked at Our Lady of Fatima School as a Teaching Assistant.

Mrs Barnes was presented with leaving cards and gifts from the school community during the final Assembly.

We wish her well in her future career and hope that Mrs Barnes will find some time to come back to visit us all very soon.

Quinsound Concert

Performing in the concert.

15 July 2016

The Our Lady of Fatima Sing and Play Club took part for the first time in the annual Quinsound Concert at St Boniface’s Church in Quinton on Friday 15th July 2016.

It was a tremendous afternoon of music; the Quinton Community Choir led the afternoon with some songs from the Lion King, Toy Story and Lord of the Rings before each local primary and secondary school took it in turns to entertain the crowds. Our Juniors sang and performed the Banana Boat Song and One Call Away by Charlie Puth.

Well done to all of the children who took part with such presence and confidence.

Sacrament of Confirmation

Year 6 Confirmandi.

6 July 2016

Our Lady of Fatima School and Parish were privileged to welcome Bishop Robert Byrne to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation on Wednesday 6th July.

Year 6 pupils had worked very hard to learn about the importance of this sacrament and its relevance to their young lives.

The service was especially memorable as it marked the last Sacrament of Confirmation that Father Seamus Hetherton would celebrate at Our Lady of Fatima Church due to his retirement after 61 years’ service as a priest in July. Eleven of these years were spent at Our Lady of Fatima Church and Bishop Byrne paid tribute to Father Seamus in his concluding words at the service, commenting upon Father Seamus’s tireless work as a parish priest and friend of the community.

Year 4's Sports Day at Lordswood

Having fun at Lordswood School.

1 July 2016

On Friday 1st July 2016 Year 4 were invited to Lordswood School to take part in a Sports’ Event led by Lordswood Sports’ Leaders.

Great fun was had by all the children as they took part in a variety of activities.

Health for Life Crops

Planting crops.

July 2016

The Health for Life Committee and Before and After School Gardening Gang have been hard at work during the Spring and Summer terms to ensure that crops are ready for parents, in exchange for voluntary donations, which are used to replenish our seed stocks for the following year.

Promoting Recycling Competition

Recycling lorry with the winning design.

29 June 2016

Last summer, the current Year 6 entered a competition run by Birmingham City Council to design posters to promote recycling.

One of these designs, created by Russell, won and his design has been printed on the side of two brand new state-of-the-art lorries that serve the Harborne area.

John Burke and his team of staff from Birmingham City Council came to visit Russell and our Eco Council on Wednesday 29th June 2016 with one of the lorries to talk about the work the council does to try and recycle as much as possible.

The children learnt a lot about the process of recycling and what we can do at school to help the environment.

Year 6 Mass of Illumination

Year 6's Mass of Illumination.

24 June 2016

As part of their preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, Year 6 celebrated a beautiful Mass of Illumination on Friday 24th June 2016.

Parents attended the Mass and took part in the readings alongside their children. The Mass reminded the children that they would soon be making a firm commitment to their faith through the Sacrament of Confirmation, which will take place on Wednesday 6th July at Our Lady of Fatima Church.

The parents passed on the light of Christ from the Paschal Candle to their children, who were holding their baptismal candles, saying these words: ‘Keep the light of faith burning in your life.’

Meal in a Barrow

Our Meal in a Barrow entry.

16 to 19 June 2016

Our Lady of Fatima School entered a competition Meal in a Barrow at the Gardeners’ World Show at the NEC which took place between 16th and 19th June 2016.

Barrows were judged by a panel to select a Primary and Secondary Schools’ winner and, by public vote, to choose an overall winner. Winners were announced and awarded during the final day of the exhibition at the NEC.

The ‘Meal in a Barrow’ was based on Evamary’s soup recipe from Year 4. Plants, crops and herbs were grown and arranged in the barrow ready for the competition. Everyone had great fun working preparing and planting, nurturing and growing and of course watering and feeding the plants.

We were not chosen as winners, but we all agreed that our barrow was indeed a delight to prepare. Well done everyone!

Year 5 Mixed Netball Tournament

Our Year 5 netball team.

27 May 2016

On Thursday 27th May 2016 our Year 5 mixed netball team finished third in their pool during the Birmingham School Games at Shenley Academy, narrowly missing a place in the semi-final.

After a slow start- losing to Tiverton and Harborne- the children showed their potential in their final two matches, first beating Raddlebarn 2-0 and then Green Meadow 1-0, and dominating both matches.

A fun time was had by all and the children showed great respect to their opponents, teammates and young sports leaders. Well played everyone!

Gadget Show Design Winners

Our winning Year 5 designers.

24 March 2016

On 24th March 2016 two pupils from Year 5 learned that they had who won a competition to design a famous GB Olympian to compete in the Gadget Show’s ‘Robo Olympics’!

Their winning designs were put on display at Gadget Show Live at the NEC over the Easter break and the boys were given a bundle of free tickets to take their family and friends there to see the exhibition.

Year 4 Space Project

Year 4 working on their space project.

18 March 2016

During the Spring Term Year 4 explored Life in Space using activities from the Tim Peake Primary Project pack.

Royal Horticultural Society Course

Learning how to best use planters.

8 March 2016

On Tuesday 8th March Our Lady of Fatima School provided the venue for a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) course about growing an edible garden.

Fresh ideas were shared for our planters which will be coming to life very shortly.

Catholic Schools' Swimming Gala

Some of our super swimmers.

27 February 2016

On Saturday 27th February 2016 children from Years 5 and 6 represented the school at the 59th Annual Catholic Swimming Gala (the Andrew Cunningham Memorial Gala).

After successful relay heats, both the boys’ and girls' teams qualified for the relay finals. A fantastic sixth place finish for the girls and a runners up medal for the boys, gave the school six points towards the overall team scores.

During the individual events, all the children competed at a high standard with three of them qualifying for the individual finals. Despite the competitive competition, we gained a winners medal in the breast stroke event, while two of the children gained a further five points towards the school's overall total.

These totals helped the boys to an overall joint winners shield to be shared with St Edward's School.

All the children should be very proud of themselves for their hard work, teamwork, sportsmanship and determination - they certainly enjoyed themselves. Well done everybody!

Reception's Space Project

Ready to launch!

24 February 2016

On 24th February 2016 staff from Oldy Academy came into school to work with Reception Class on their Space Project.

They made rockets and launched them high into the sky.

Reception Class had a brilliant afternoon. We would like to extend our thanks to the staff from Oldbury Academy who made the visit so practical and inspiring.

The Good Shepherd Appeal

Launching the Good Shepherd Appeal.

23 February 2016

Each year, during Lent, Father Hudson’s Society organise an appeal to help raise money to support important charitable work across the Diocese.

On Tuesday 23rd February we were very fortunate to welcome Margot Scotford who came to talk to the children at Our Lady of Fatima School about how the money raised in the Father Hudson boxes is spent to help vulnerable people in our community.

Margot linked this assembly to the Year of Mercy and explained how mercy can contribute to a more human world.

Years 5 and 6 Girls' Football Tournament

Our girls' football team.

8 February 2016

On Monday 8th February, girls from Years 5 and 6 competed for the first time in the Harborne District Four-a-Side tournament.

After a 0-0 draw against Four Dwellings and 3-0 victory over St George's in their group matches, the girls won their mini league to make it through to a semi-final against Chad Vale.

With a further clean sheet helping them to a 2-0 victory, they found themselves in the final. Although the children played extremely well, working together to create a number of chances, the girls finished runners up with Harborne Primary winning 1-0.

The girls can be very proud of their efforts and we congratulate them for their performances. Well done!

Rugby Skills Session

Learning rugby skills.

5 February 2016

On Friday 5th February staff and pupils from Hagley High School worked with Key Stage 2 at Our Lady of Fatima School as part of the SNOMAC PE provision.

Mr Rich and two former pupils led an excellent rugby skills and practices session.

Saint Nicholas Owen Catholic Multi Academy Anniversary Mass

Our pupils at St. Chad's Cathedral.

4 February 2016

On Thursday 4th February the Catholic schools of the Saint Nicholas Owen Catholic Multi Academy gathered at St Chad’s Cathedral to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of the Academy.

Father Marshall celebrated Mass where he talked about the importance of working together and showing mercy to others, especially in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

With over 160 pupils from the Academy attending the anniversary Mass, Father Marshall said it was the largest single group to take the pilgrimage to St Chad’s.

The Academy has achieved so much in such a short space of time and its schools are forging good working relationships to ensure that Catholic education is at its best.

Year 5 from Our Lady of Fatima School, Harborne greatly enjoyed visiting the Cathedral for Mass. They also took the opportunity of walking through the Cathedral’s Door of Mercy.

Year 4 Mini Football Tournament

The team in action.

4 February 2016

On Thursday 4th February, Year 4 boys from Our Lady of Fatima took part in a mini Football Tournament.

In their first set of matches together, the boys showed a high level of skill, determination, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Competing against Four Dwellings, Chad Vale and Tiverton Primary, the children were eventual joint runners up with Chad Vale securing the trophy. Victories over Tiverton in both games and against Four Dwellings left the boys on twelve points overall.

An excellent performance overall! Congratulations to all of the boys who represented our school with such team spirit!

Firefighters Visit Year 4

Firemen talk to Year 4.

26 January 2016

On Tuesday 26th January 2016 Firefighters from Woodgate Valley Fire Station visited Our Lady of Fatima School to talk to Year 4 about the importance of having fire alarms fitted.

The children were told that these should be regularly tested to ensure that they are always in full working order.

The Firefighters also explained the importance of having safe escape routes in their homes in the event of a fire.

Astronaut Tim Peake's Launch

The children watch the launch.

15 December 2015

On Tuesday 15th December Mr O’Connor gathered the children and staff at Our Lady of Fatima School for the live launch of astronaut Tim Peake as he blasted off into space to become the first British man ever to board the International Space Station (ISS).

He now plans to spend six months on board the ISS carrying out science experiments and trying to get young people more excited about space travel.

In the Spring Term all children will be involved in Astronomy and Space activities as part of Tim Peake’s Primary School Project.

Girls' Football Tournament Winners

Our triumphant footballers..

19 November 2015

On Thursday 19th November our Year 5 and 6 Girls' Football Team triumphed in a five school tournament hosted by Four Dwellings Primary Academy.

1-0 victories over the hosts and Tiverton, and draws against Woodgate (1-1) and Chad Vale (0-0) meant the team finished top of the league stage before beating Tiverton 1-0 once again in the final.

Great teamwork, determination and skill led to lots of goals and four clean sheets. This was an excellent outcome for their first matches together.

Well done girls and well done to their Team Manager, Mr Bagwell.

Harborne League Football Tournament

Our talented Year 6 footballers.

13 October 2015

On Tuesday 13th October 2015 the Year 6 football team represented the school in the Premier League Schools' Tournament at The Blue Coat School organised by Aston Villa Football Club.

Each member of the squad performed to a high standard and showed excellent teamwork and sportsmanship. Out of the five group game matches, the team kept three clean sheets, winning 3-0 against St George's, 1-0 against Harborne Primary and drawing 0-0 against Woodhouse Primary. In their two other games they narrowly lost against eventual tournament winners St Peter's and drew 1-1, with a last second equaliser, against beaten finalists West House.

As a result, the team finished as the third placed team in their group, just missing out on a place in the semi-finals. However, the children were thrilled when told they had scored the goal of the day by one of the Villa coaches. Well played everyone.

Goodbye to Miss Carney

A fond farewell to Miss Carney.

17 July 2015

We said a fond farewell to Miss Carney on the last day of the summer term. Miss Carney had worked with the current Year 2 for three years and during that time had been contemplating her future career as a teacher.

As she was presented with leaving gifts from the school community, Miss Carney just managed to hold back the tears.

We wish her well in her new career and hope that Miss Carney will find some time to come back to visit us all very soon.

5-a-Side Football Tournament

Members of our football team..

9 July 2015

Years 5 and 6 Football Team took part in a 5-a-side football tournament hosted by Four Dwelling Primary School on 9th July 2015.

The children played well, losing 2-0 to Cottesbrook Primary School and then drawing 1-1 against the hosts, following a long range free kick goal from one of our lads.

The children showed excellent football skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. Well done!

Schools' Athletics Event

One of our Year 5 boys came first in the boys' sprint race.

15 June 2015

Children from Classes 4, 5 and 6 took part in an athletics event held at Alexander Stadium. There were 36 other schools taking part therefore we knew we had good competition.

All of the children tried their best and were extremely positive throughout the day. It was a pleasure to see and HEAR the children supporting each other so well by cheering and congratulating successes.

The afternoon started with relay races and continued through to the sprints, field events (throwing, high jump and long jump), finishing with the 800m race. The children had not taken part in some of the events previously yet they faced each new challenge with courage.

Two of the children made it to the finals: one of our Class 6 girls in the 100m sprint in which she finished 4th and one of our Class 5 boys in the long jump in which he finished 3rd. We are very proud to announce that he also finished in 1st place in the boys’ sprint and he was able to stand on the podium to receive his well-deserved medal.

The children represented the school so well in terms of their contributions to the afternoon and their impeccable behaviour.

It was also lovely to have the support of the parents who kindly transported their children to and from the event and stayed with us to cheer their children on – thank you.

Silver Coin Trail

The Silver Coin Trail marked out in our school hall.

27 March 2015

On Friday 27th March we held our final Lenten fund-raising activity.

Every year we have a ‘silver coin trail’ in the school hall. A picture is drawn on the hall floor, candles are lit and reflective music is played as each class come and reflect upon the final events of Jesus’s life. Children offer prayers and financial donations as they think of how their almsgiving benefits the lives of others.

Many years ago Our Lady appeared to three children in a tree in Fatima and so this year we marked out our school logo for the children to use as a trail for their silver coins.

Birmingham Catholic Schools' Netball Competition

Our netball team.

26 March 2015

Our netball team took part in the Catholic Schools’ Netball Competition on Thursday 26th March 2015 at John Henry Newman Catholic College in Chelmsley Wood.

The matches were all 7-a-side teams, playing five minutes each way throughout the afternoon.

Following a slow start the girls managed an impressive 6-0 win in the final game and narrowly missed going through to the semi-finals.

An enjoyable afternoon was had by all. Well done girls!

St Patrick's Day

Children with our large St Patrick puppet.

17 March 2015

Mr O’Connor dressed up once more as St Patrick to commemorate the Feast Day of the Patron Saint of Ireland.

Year 5 had made a large puppet of St Patrick as part of their Arts’ Day project, working alongside Garry Jones from ‘Off our Trolley Arts’.

All the children wore green for the day and we enjoyed a special Irish lunch.