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The overall aim of this project is to give children a greater awareness and understanding of the benefits of a sustained healthy lifestyle.

There are four main objectives to encourage and develop sustainable change in the children’s healthy lifestyles with a focus on:

  • Healthy eating and cooking.
  • Growing food.
  • Physical activity.
  • Family involvement.

The Health for Life project was originally taken on at school after an initial PTA contribution to purchase two raised beds, fund an independent gardener who worked with Reception Class during 2013/14, and cover the cost of gardening equipment which will make it possible for all children to have ‘hands on’ experience of growing vegetable and fruit.

Thank you to everybody who works voluntarily on the PTA and all the families who support fund raising events throughout the year. Since our application for £3,500 was approved in December 2014 there has been a great deal of ‘behind the scenes’ work going on to ensure that we utilise this financial contribution to the best of our ability and that we, as a whole school community make small changes to help promote healthier lifestyles.

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