House and Class Saints

House Saints

At our school, we have recently changed the names of our House Teams. As we are now part of the Saint Nicholas Owen Catholic Multi Academy Company, we decided to name our House Teams following the lives of Saints:

  • Saint Clare
  • Saint John Paul
  • Saint Martha
  • Saint Christopher

Class Saints

Our Class Saints

At Our Lady of Fatima School, each class has their own class Saint that they research and learn about in more detail.

On each class's Saint’s special day, the children give thanks for their Class Saint through prayer and deed and they can wear non-school uniform to celebrate.

Class Saint's Name Feast Day
Reception Saint Mary (The Assumption) 15 August
Year 1 Saint Francis 4 October
Year 2 Saint John Vianney 9 August
Year 3 Saint Lucy 13 December
Year 4 Saint Thomas Aquinas 28 January
Year 5 Saint Rose of Lima 30 August
Year 6 Saint Chad 2 March

The Feast Day for our school Saint - Our Lady of Fatima - is 13 May. We also celebrate the Feast Day for our Academy Saint- Saint Nicholas Owen.