Meet the friendly staff of Our Lady of Fatima, as drawn by some of our talented children...

Mr Simmons

Mrs Lake

Miss Turner

Mrs Levack

Mrs Workman

Mr T Smith

Miss Boulton

Miss O'Connell

Mrs Harlow

Mrs Darkaoui

Miss Deen

Mrs Homer

Mrs Liddy

Mrs Macklin

Mrs Rickerby

Mrs E Smith

Mrs Wakeman

Miss Walker

Mrs Billingham

Mrs Hayden

Mr S Rollason

Mrs K Rollason

Mrs Cameron

Miss Hill

Mr Hinton
Mrs Khatun

Mrs O'Brien

Mrs Smith

School Staff

Name Title/Responsibility
Mr A Carry Acting Executive Headteacher
Mr D Simmons Vice Principal
Mrs H Lake Reception Class Teacher
Miss A Turner Year 1 Teacher
Mrs N Levack Year 2 Teacher
Mrs T Workman Year 3 Teacher
Mr T Smith Year 4 Teacher
Miss E Boulton Year 5 Teacher
Miss J O’Connell Year 6 Teacher
Mrs R Harlow Teacher and Inclusion Manager
Mrs S Darkaoui Teaching Assistant
Miss C Deen Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Homer Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Liddy Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Macklin Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Rickerby Teaching Assistant and BASC Manager
Mrs E Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Wakeman Teaching Assistant
Miss H Walker Teaching Assistant and BASC Deputy Manager
Mrs C Billingham Senior Office Manager, Clerk to Academy Committee
Mrs C Hayden Office Manager
Mr S Rollason Building Services Manager
Mrs K Rollason Cleaner
Mrs A Cameron Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S Hill Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr S Hinton BASC - Senior Playworker
Mrs A Khatun BASC - Senior Playworker
Mrs O'Brien Catering Supervisor
Mrs Smith Deputy Cook