Altar Servers

‘Let the children come to me’. (Luke 18:16)

One way the youth of our Parish can come and serve the Lord and their school and church community is by becoming an Altar Server.

Any child who has completed the First Holy Communion programme can become an Altar Server.

The two main duties of a server are to assist the Priest during the celebration of Mass and to help the congregation to pray by being a good role model and setting a good example.

Altar Servers’ training takes place every Monday after school. The children have an opportunity to learn and find out about the special duties of an Altar server. They learn the different names of the key items used in the Holy Mass and find out how, when and why they are used. The children work in small groups playing fun and engaging activities.

Come along and join us!

See more in our training chronicles:

December 2018 (PDF)

February 2018 (PDF)

September 2015 (PDF)

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