School Inclusion Statement

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School is a fully inclusive school which is guided and underpinned by our Gospel values and mission statement. We aim to ensure all pupils achieve their potential: personally, socially, emotionally and academically in all areas of the curriculum,(regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, physical ability or educational needs) so that they can live, love and learn in the light and example of Jesus Christ

Here at Our Lady of Fatima we ensure that we are inclusive in its widest sense in all areas of school life. Providing for pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) is just one way in which Our Lady of Fatima promotes and supports inclusion. We believe that each child is unique, being created in God's own likeness, each with his/her own gifts and talents.

SEN Policy and Information Report

Since September 2015, all schools are expected to publish a document to help parents and careers of children and young people with Special Educational needs and Disabilities (SEND) understand what services they and their families can expect from the school and a range of local agencies.

The document, known as the SEN Policy and Information Report, should help you understand how the system works, and how the local authority, local area and the school will support both your child and your family.

Our SEN Policy and Information Report can be found here, along with our Accessibility Plan


You can read details of our special needs provision below:

What is the local offer?

It sets out the support available in the local area for children and young people with SEN and/or disabilities (including those without an education, health and care (EHC) plan).

Local authorities (LAs) have a statutory duty to develop a local offer and publish it on their website.

This is so they can:

  • Provide clear, comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date information about available provision and how to access it
  • Make sure the provision responds to local needs and aspirations

The local authority will work with the local community, children and young people with SEND, and service providers (including schools)

Details of Birmingham's local offer can be found below:

How does the Local Offer differ from the School's SEN Policy and Information Report?

Use our flow chart to help you understand the purpose of the Local Offer, SEN Information Report and SEN Policy and who is responsible for the information in each.  

What is a SENCo?

SENCo stands for Special Educational Needs Coordinator. You may hear the name referred to in full, as its acronym or as SEN Co-ordinator.

SEN Co-ordinators are members of teaching staff who are responsible for special educational needs within a school. Every school in the UK is required to have a SENCo to ensure that every child who has SEN are supported as well as to help them reach their full educational potential.

At Our Lady of Fatima, Mr Leese is our SEN Co-ordinator.  If you would like to speak to us about support for special educational needs, please feel free to contact him:

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