We ask all parents/carers to support the school in adhering to the policy regarding uniform including haircuts.

Winter Uniform

Grey trousers
White shirt
Royal blue pullover with school crest
Grey socks
School tie
Sensible black shoes
Plain grey skirt/pinafore dress or trousers/culottes
White blouse
Royal blue cardigan with school crest
White socks or grey woollen tights
School tie
Sensible black shoes

Summer Uniform

Grey shorts or trousers
White 'polo' shirt can be worn instead of shirt/tie
Blue/white striped or check summer dress
White 'polo' shirt can be worn instead of shirt/tie

We advise the purchase of a school hat/cap for sunny weather (available from Clive Mark/school).

PE Kit

Boys and Girls
Navy shorts
Plain white t-shirt
Black plimsolls for PE and dance, etc
Track suits may be worn for outdoor games during winter months
Training shoes which do not cover the ankles may be worn for outdoor games. They are not suitable for indoor PE - all children need plimsolls.
Girls: One piece swimsuit
Boys: Swimming trunks (not shorts)

Book bags, pump bags and school sun hats/caps can be purchased from the school.

Parents are free to obtain items from wherever they please with the exception of the school crest jumpers and cardigans which can be obtained from Clive Mark in Bearwood, Somal Fashions in Quinton, B32 1JP or Tesco Online (external link).

All clothing should be marked with the child's name. All dress should always conform to safety.

Hair, Jewellery, etc

  • Long hair should be tied back for hygiene reasons and especially during PE, for safety reasons.
  • Hair accessories should be simple and follow school colours.
  • 'Fashion' haircuts (eg. tramlines/patterns) are not appropriate for school for boys or girls.
  • Boys' hair should be cut no shorter than a number 2.
  • Children are asked not to wear jewellery as its loss can be upsetting.
  • If pupils have pierced ears, one small plain (no stone or gem etc.) discrete stud may be worn in each ear lobe. For health and safety reasons pupils will be expected to remove studs for PE/swimming. No other body piercing of any kind will be acceptable.
  • Children are responsible for their own possessions in school and for this reason are asked not to bring toys or valuables as their loss or breakage can cause distress.

Nametags for school labels

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