My Happy Mind @ Our Lady of Fatima

The importance of healthy bodies and healthy minds cannot be understated!

We have introduced a program to all-year groups at school called MyHappyMind. MyHappyMind is all based around helping children to understand how their brain works and to support them in developing positive skills and habits to be their very best selves! 

Sessions are delivered every week and teach children all about their brains and how they work. This helps children to keep a happy and healthy mind.

We have weekly awards for those children who show this elements of having a Happy Mind : showing a good understanding of their mind; being able to appreciate and celebrate each other; showing our skills to relate and engage.

Get involved at home using the app and help keep a happy mind all day

Mr Simmons

Understanding the basics of our mind to make sure we keep ourselves mentally and physcially healthy builds into much of our Curriculum

Download Resources - (Takes 5-minutes) and enter your name, email, and authentication code. For the school authentication code please contact the school office.

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