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Link to Thinkuknow for Parents

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Net Aware - NSPCC

There are some fantastic resources and advise on the Net Aware (NSPCC) website. We shared with parents, resources and information from this site during our Inspire Workshops. This site is constantly being updated and gives advise on the latest games, apps, YouTube and general use of the internet.

Invaluable advise and well worth a look. Sign up for an NSPCC Newsletter to keep up to date!

What is Online Safety?

Online Safety highlights the importance of educating our children about the benefits, risks and responsibilities of using a variety of technology both in and out of school. It promotes safeguarding of children and young people in the digital world. It makes sure that children know how to use technology in a safe and positive way.

At school your child is protected when accessing the internet:

  • Children are taught about appropriate content during Computing lessons.
  • There is Internet filtering through the Birmingham Firewall.
  • Forensic software on our school network system captures screen shots and logs inappropriate use.
  • Virus Protection.

Also see our Online Safety Policy on our Policies and Documents page.

Useful Websites

The following websites are useful for further guidance and support:

Useful Documents

These documents are all in pdf format, and are here for you to read/download:

Online Safety Videos

Online Safety Tips for Under 5's

Online Safety Tips for 6 to 10 Years

Online Safety Tips for 11 to 13 Years

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