School Council

Our School Council consists of two representatives from Years 1 to 6.

They meet with staff members to discuss issues that affect them in school and share ideas about health, safety and things they would like to change or improve in our school. The Chairperson and secretary are elected members of Year 6.

They are involved in decision making in school. It is our school and we take responsibility for making sure that every child is heard.

Mini Vinnies

Our Mini Vinnies play a key role in modelling Collective Worship across school and are a voice in the schools prayer life. The help year groups: Prepare; Gather together; Listen to the Word of God; Respond to the teachings of Jesus; Going Forth and spreading the Word of God.

House Captains

All of the members of our school are divided into houses which take their names from Saints, chosen collectively by the children. In Year 6 House Captains are chosen by the children to lead each house.

The House Captains set a good example to the other team members and provide good role models in school. They play a role in Liturgy within classrooms and assemblies and represent their houses during house point presentations

Digital Leaders Committee

This Committee is made up of representatives from Key Stage 2 who work alongside Mr Simmons.

Digital Leaders at Our Lady of Fatima are pupils with a passion to help us to shape the vision and strategy around the use of technology.

They make sure that fellow pupils and their teachers have the skills to use those technologies effectively.

Eco Monitors Committee

This Committee consists of members of the school from Year 1 to 6.

They meet with Miss Boulton and look at different ways of conserving energy to lower fuel bills along with reminding people to use water sparingly, and aiming to reduce paper waste at school.

Wellbeing Committee

These committee members from Year 1 to 6 meet once a month with Miss Boulton to discuss ways in which we can all develop a healthier lifestyle.

They will discuss the sustainability of the growing project.

They will work closely with the Eco Committee.

Science Ambassadors Committee

These Committee members from Years 3 to 6 work alongside Miss O'Connell to promote curiosity about the world and how it works.

They also get the opportunity to work with pupils from other schools in the Odgen Trust to share their enthusiasm and knowledge in this subject.

They encourage their friends to develop their enquiring minds through Science.

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