The school was last inspected in July 2011.

We were delighted to have been judged as outstanding.

Some of the comments in the report:

  • Our Lady of Fatima is an outstanding school which has improved significantly since its previous inspection and ensures that its pupils achieve exceptionally well.
  • It provides its pupils with high-quality care, guidance and support and a curriculum that meets their needs and interests extremely well.
  • One of the school's many strengths is the outstanding progress made by pupils in their personal and social development.
  • Pupils are tolerant, feel exceptionally safe, and blossom into confident individuals who demonstrate impeccable manners and behaviour and excellent skills in working either independently or within groups. The strong work ethic in all classes results from pupils' clear understanding of the targets that they are expected to attain.
  • A further key factor in the school's success is its outstanding partnership with parents and carers, based on excellent channels of communication.

Ofsted recommended that to make our school even better we should:

Eliminate inconsistencies in the quality of teaching by disseminating existing good and outstanding practice to ensure that all teaching is good or better by:

  • fine tuning teachers' use of assessment so that they always provide achievable challenges for all their pupils;
  • ensuring that assessments in the Early Years Foundation Stage are recorded more regularly;
  • ensuring that teachers focus sharply on the impact of their teaching on pupils' learning when evaluating their lessons.

You can read the full report below:

Parent View

You can now share your views on our school via Ofsted's Parent View website. By sharing your views, Ofsted hopes you'll be helping the school to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said about us.

Religious Education Inspection

The Religious Education aspect of the school was inspected in October 2016 (S48).

This is what the inspector said about our school:

Our Lady of Fatima School provides an outstanding Catholic education for all its pupils. Catholic Life is outstanding and inclusive, with prominence given to Catholic values. It provides an ideal environment for all to develop in faith. Collective worship is a strong, integral part of the life of the school. The prayer life of the school is excellent and beneficial to all pupils, individually and collectively. The pupils’ sense of vocation, what God wants them to be, is outstanding, a striking feature of the school’s Catholic Life. They are able, and willing, to talk freely about their faith and its importance in their own lives. Behaviour around the school is exemplary, with high expectations and appropriate attitudes demonstrated by all staff. Spiritual and moral development is a priority in school; there is an all-encompassing ethos which values all equally, and to which all pupils respond with generosity and understanding.

You can read the full report below:

The school had a monitoring visit in January 2020. You can read the report from this visit below:

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