Our aim at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School is for all children to enjoy Mathematics and have a secure and deep understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts and procedures when they leave us to go to secondary school.

We want children to see the mathematics that surrounds them every day and enjoy developing vital life skills in this subject.

Aims for our pupils:

  • To develop a growth mind-set and positive attitude towards mathematics.
  • To become confident and proficient with number, including fluency with mental calculation and look for connections between numbers.
  • To become problem solvers, who can reason, think logically, work systematically and apply their knowledge of mathematics.
  • To develop their use of mathematical language and understanding.
  • To become independent learners and to work co-operatively with others.
  • To appreciate real life contexts to learning in mathematics.


Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School has begun transitioning towards a mastery approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics. The rationale behind changing our approach to teaching mathematics lay within the NCETM Maths Hub Programme as well as the 2014 National Curriculum, which states:

  • The expectation is that most pupils will move through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace.
  • Pupils who grasp concepts rapidly should be challenged through being offered rich and sophisticated problems before any acceleration through new content.
  • Those who are not sufficiently fluent with earlier material should consolidate their understanding, including through additional practice, before moving on.

At Our Lady of Fatima we follow the small-step approach to Mathematics to properly embed the knowledge and understanding that the children will need in their lives. Below you will find the White Rose Scheme of Work that we follow. 

Progression maps

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